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Everyone has their own Fishing Tackle Favorites. Matagorda Bay is a redfish haven. Stanley’s General Stores is located right in Matagorda and we have the fishing tackle you need in this area. Texas’ Matagorda Bay is well known to redfish fans as being one of the best places to find consistent supplies of Redfish. The climate of Matagorda are just perfect for this favorite fish.

We like to wade on the south shoreline of West Matagorda and work parallel guts that drop from knee-deep to waist-deepBink Grimes

Lure and Fishing Tackle

Bass Assassins in either a 4- or 5-inch Sea Shad in Chicken-on-a-Chain color work well.  If the water is clear then Opening Night or Glow colors work well.

Smaller topwater lures like Mirr Olure’s She Pup in pink-and-chrome have a great hook-up ratio and works better than smaller topwater lures. Of course nothing beats the consistency of a gold spoon.

Photo by Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources